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back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 28th of september, 2012, and it is a rainy one here in the big apple. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside mr. willie geist. matt's on assignment today. coming up in this half hour, those mortgage rates at record lows, might be good time for you to buy. we're going to show you what you can get for your money these days from maine to the great state of arizona for $350,000 or less. >> also ahead this morning, as a parent you know sometimes that light bulb goes off, and you think there must be a better way to do this. online mommy maven soleil moon frye will show us great products
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made by members and dads and all the latest hollywood headlines including exciting news about jay-z and reese witherspoon, not together. separate news about jay-z and reese weatherspoon. >> excited to hear, that and what we do know is natalie morales is a great cook, and she has been bus they morning in the kitchen. she's cooking up her famous flan. sweet latin staple. she's going to flip the flan on friday. we get to taste it in just a few minutes but first, natalie, you better do the news i gues >> got some work to do. thanks savannah and willie. a workplace shooting rampage at a minneapolis office has left five people dead, including the gunman. police arrived at the sign-making company thursday afternoon to find the victims' bodies. the shooter apparently dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. four other people were wounded. three of them critically. witnesses say the shooter may have been fired from his job on thursday morning. the man who shot an anti-islam video that sparked deadly protests across the muslim world
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is behind bars this morning. california officials say nakoula bassely nakoula was in violation of his probation for a 2010 check fraud conviction. he's being held without bail as the judge says he poses a flight risk. secretary of state hillary clinton hosts world leaders today at the united nations to push for unity among syrian rebel groups. this after thursday's warning to the international body from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu drew a red line on a cartoon -- on a cartoon-like bomb calling for world leaders to draw that red line before next spring or summer, shutting down iran's nuclear weapons program. and just a day earlier iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad blasted israel from the same podium calling it a country of, quote, uncivilized zionists. soil samples are being taken today as part of a new search for teamsters union boss jimmy hoffa who disappeared in 1975. investigators will dig beneath a driveway in suburban detroit. that's where a tipster claims he saw a body that might have been
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hoffa's being buried 37 years ago. a bizarre and shocking end for a rising actor in los angeles. police say former "sons of anarchy" actor johnny lewis beat his 81-year-old landlady to death, attacked and bit two other men nearby and then fell or jumped to his own death from the roof. officials say he also savagely killed his landlady's cat in a strange rampage. lewis had been arrested three times this year, and a probation report from back in may shows that police feared the 28-year-old suffered some serious chemical dependency or mental health problems. nasa's curiosity rover is beaming back new clues about the red planet's ancient and watery past. these images suggest that a waist-deep stream once rushed through this very spot on mars. most convincing proof of water on mars to date. scientists say the rounded pebbles likely shaped by fast-moving water are truly an
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exciting find. a new analysis of beer drinkers could reveal which way swing vote remembers leaning while they are leaning on the bar. according to "the national journal," democrats prefer heineken and crone ark. republicans are most likely to hoist a coors light or sam adams, and right in the middle, mexican beer doss if equis favored by voters on both sides of the political tense. you need to be really quick on your feet. hope he got delicious crumbs for all of that effort. fast all right. disappeared. four minutes after the hour right now. let's go back over to al in los angeles. >> wow. >> you've been really reading up on everything, huh? >> yes, i have. distracted, sorry. we've been hanging out with our friends at knbc. let's see what we've got for you right now, and we're going to
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show you. looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms pushing their way through texas.orms pushing thei way through texas. we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect now throughout northern texas and the flash flood watches in texas. anywhere from four to five inches in lor ray doe to san antonio. we have a lot of wet weather in the northeast as well. not quite as bad as it's been in texas. one area moved through. another area coming in. we look for one to two inches of rain generally from up state new york to new england. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> veronica johnson here. good morning to you. we have fog out there this morning. the arias that had the heavy rain are rising now to the 67 college park. 66 degrees in reston and falls church.
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as far as today, your forecast going up to a high temperature of 81 degrees. there is a chance for some afternoon and evening storms. best chance th that's your latest weather from the "today" show reading room here in los angeles. back to savannah. >> have a fun weekend with all those books. time now tore today's take 3 where we give our take on stories catching our attention and soleil moon frye is here to join our gang. >> hi, how are you? >> how are you? >> i love when you come to town. >> just love coming to visit you guys. it's always fun. >> good. we love having you. a lot to talk about this morning. >> we do. >> our take one today, double take, kelly osborne at the emmy awards, working the red carpet was wearing a $250,000 black diamond manicure, not jewelry, manicure, and i guess she's taking a lot of heat for it. alot of people have been tweeting her, and she has since come out with her own tweet, sort of an apology. i see that my nail polish has
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offended some of you. i see her point but it was a once in a lifetime experience and she said please forgive me for not regret tmpingt it made me feel like a queen queen, #myapologies. >> first of all, how do you get a manicure up to $250,000? >> made by a jewelry designer. >> little diamonds in there, little black diamonds in it. >> i guess the question is, they wear million dollar jewels and this was apparently given to her. >> my question is did they give the diamonds to charity afterwards, because if the diamonds were reusable afterwards, then maybe there's something there, but where do the diamonds go after? >> after one shot kind of deal. >> one shot. >> you do raise a good point. sure, it's excess, but isn't the whole thing excess. >> it is excess. >> and where do you draw the line on what's excess and what's not, and -- then again, the other point, is i mean, and you know as a celebrity, you enjoy the perks, but you have to be
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somewhat sensitive to what the public isoing to think. >> there's a certain responsibility, but she certainly is edgy and always breaking the mold, but at the same time, i mean, can they reuse the diamonds because a $250,000 manicure and then it's not usable. i would hope that it could be used towards something good afterwards and that the diamonds could be taken apart or something. >> recyclable. >> i'm not quite an expert on the issue, but that doesn't look like a quarter of a million dollar manicure. i hope you get the toes thrown in with that, mani pedi, the head massage. >> extra ten-minute hand massage. gosh, i hope so. >> i know. we will move on. whitney houston, of course, passed away earlier this year. now it the time for a lot of different legacy things coming out, greatest hits album, coffee table book, new duet with r. kelly. i think we have that
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♪ as you lay me down ♪ heaven hear me now >> beautiful song. >> i guess some people think is it too much? i don't think so. i mean, she is just a huge superstar, and i think people do want to remember her. >> it's also not unusual. when michael jackson died, el which is died, greatest hits. some people said there shouldn't be a reality show, some people profiting on the back of her death but doesn't strike me as unusual. >> seems like the whole family is involved. her daughter is involved. it seems like something that the family is in support of, so i think if the family was not in spot of it, it would be one thing. >> the reality show, interesting to see who is going to watch. bobbi kristina is in it, chrisschriissy houston, her mom. >> she and michael are timeless, they are icons, forever. >> one thing you hope doesn't
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get lost, how great her voice is. the end of her life, got lost in the drug problems and everything else. >> right. >> but when you stop and listen, that's her legacy. >> clive davis said whitney had dental work and apparently stopped smoking for the time she recorded the song and you could hear it in the voice. that's the way we love it. >> we'll make a smooth transition from whiton to freaky friday, okay. >> that's awkward. how did that go. photographs we want to show you. i've got one for you. this is spangles. spangles is a 3-year-old cat who is cross-eyed, look closely at that picture. his owner mary buchanan of smart anburg, south carolina has a entire facebook page dedicated to spangles dressed up in quirky costumes. >> gone viral. >> become an internet sensation. >> makes people laugh. >> i'm sure it's sweet. >> a strong anti-pet costume policy.
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>> you know, my girls like to paint our dog easy to nails. >> okay. >> they get very into it. >> not $250,000. >> not $250,000. >> does your pet like it? >> we've all heard of photo bombs. what happens when it's a stingray. this is crazy. did you guys see this picture. >> cayman islands. >> right. >> yes. a stingray behind them. >> are we going to take your word for you? >> looking for the photo. >> trust me, it was amazing. >> there it is. >> there we go. >> somebody apparently placed a stingray behind them and look at shock and awe on these women's faces. >> that would freak me out. >> kind of caught. >> looks like he's smiling, exactly. >> okay. and then finally i got a little friday treat for you guys. >> natalie, this is your world famous flan. >> my world famous flan. >> our recipe by the way is on the nbc latina website. everybody is asking me, so easy, and people have been asking me
9:12 am
how to make it. check out reci website for the recipe. >> flip the flan. >> i hope it goes well. did do well. this is lee calorie. >> it's low call and low-fat because i use low-fat skimmed condensed week and fat-free evaporated milk. >> do you guys like flan. >> i hope you like flan. >> do we get to eat it? >> super creamy and good. it's good for you. >> what's in flan, for the uninitiated? >> condensed milk, evaporated milk, eggs. >> any chance i can eat. >> do you lose any flavor making it health? >> i don't like healthy desserts. >> i promise you. >> you guys try it while we take a little break. >> thank you. >> diving in. >> thanks. >> thank you, guys. >> amazing. >> coming up next, an open house
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this morning on "today's real estate" what you can get for $350,000 or less. this month mortgage rates fell to a new record level. today's ellis tate expert barbara corcoran is here with a look at what's on the market. good morning. >> good morning. there's record appreciation in prices this month, the highest in seven years. >> this really is a great time to jump in. >> great time. >> let's dive right in. what we can get for $350,000 or less. we start in the heartland, underwood, iowa. >> first off, has 934 people. kind of weird, picture that, a picture where there's 944 people, but it's in the covered hills, like forest covered bluffs all over the area, and they have the highest silt hills outside of china. who cares but that's what i tell you yway. all right. this house has massive windows
9:17 am
on the front of the how is that look out on some of those rolling green farmlands, and with house you get 3.5 acres of property. i really like in the next shot, the lovely lit sitting area, seating area. looks so pretty and comfortable. a fully finished basement. elaborate wet bar for the guys it hang out and have a nice cold beer and out back a partially covered deck and landscape that complements this house very nicely. a pretty house, and it's only $329,000. >> 329, and that is a beautiful part of the country, right on the border of nebraska there. next we'll head west to peoria, not illinois but arizona >> you know how that got its name. the early settlers moved from illinois and said let's just bring this name with us are and that's how they named it and that's the truth. the kitchen has all ceramin 18-inch tiles, a center island and a roomy breakfast room. i shouldn't have overlooked the beautiful landscaping out front. also an open floor plan throughout entire house.
9:18 am
totally contemporary, and has southwestern touches, like the arched doorways there and the niches in the living room and entertainment room. pretty room. the master bedroom has a large bay window, and when you go out back, the surprise is, a sparkling blue pool and private backyard surrounded by those beautiful high desert views. >> living in arizona, you want a pool in your backyard. looks like a good one. >> sure. >> northeast, baldwin, maine, beautiful area. >> lovely area. perfect spot, 30 minutes from the portland seaport and 30 minutes from new hampshire. best ski and golf resort, not a bad spot. the logs used to build this nice home were cut from the property itself and provide great insulation. log homes are the warmest in the world. i love this pine kitchen. when you're going to see it inside. looks like just anybody could get comfortable there. the big living room has a wood stove against the stone fireplace, and that rocky chair is identical to the one my husband used to rock await day n.all right. don't want to see that chair
9:19 am
anymore. windows in the living room look out on 17.5 acres and filled with pine woods and old stonewalls. just a beautiful situated house with great property wrapping around it. you can see the beautiful log walls when you look at the master bedroom and the taxes are over -- only, 2,000 a career. >> move the rocking chair out for you. >> very good. >> one more quick one, nashville, tennessee, one of the country's great cies. right outside is a town called mt. juliet. >> a booming community and a fast growing job market. this is a custom built brick home with open floor plans and gleaming wood floors. the kitchen is spic and span. with tile backsplash and living room vaulted ceiling, extra large windows and there's the kitchen, living room, columns and a fireplace and the carpet in the master bedroom, tray ceilings and long windows and that's what you get for
9:20 am
$350,000. >> time for one more. no? >> we've been cut off. >> barbara, thanks so much. nice to see you. >> pleasure. >> coming up, soleil moon frye with the product invented by parents. but first, these messages. [ ja ne't ] i test-drove the camry se sport limited edition. [ man ] and what did you think? i loved it. why? 'cause it's a toyota, of course! i want a car that's gonna last me for a little while. ♪ i like the bells and whistles. that's my favorite part about the car. i like the navigation. i like the entune. and it's fast. [ male announcer ] see ja ne't's story and more at the camry effect. from toyota. ♪ oh, it's so good! if this image robbed you of the great taste of untopped triscuit... goat cheese? come on! this is america! ...sorry. [ male announcer ] 100% whole grain woven for an untoppable taste. [ crunch ]
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♪ and the kids always eat their ivegetables.ue beacause the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. it's the way ranch is supposed to taste. and try new hidden valley for everything. it's in the ketchup aisle. when it was released in 2001 the new lovely "life of pie" was considered to be unfilmable but
9:23 am
now it's become one of the most highly anticipate d films of th fall. >> this is the movie of a young boy with a bengal tiger. >> i was born and raised in one of the most beautiful places on earth. it was a time filled with wonder that i will always remember. but when my family chose to move our zoo halfway around the world, that is when my gorgeous journey began. >> and director ang lee is here along with big-screen newcomer, good morning to all of you. i am such a fan of your work and so glad you were able to take this unfilmable movie and brick it to life, because this was such a great book. were you at all intimidated by the fact that you'd have to make this into a movie? >> yeah. talk about pressure,ia. pressure. i think you can only take so much pressure.
9:24 am
yeah. doesn't matter anymore. still the best work. >> what was your vision? how did you want to make it come to life? >> well, i tried to be loyal to the book, but, of course, we're making a movie, so i try to get the spirit right and then just pray to the movie gods. >> it works. >> apparently it's working based on what the critics are saying. >> this is your first acting take in a major film with one of the greatest directors of our time. tell me about the audition process, because i understand you weren't supposed to be the member of your family to get this job. >> the thing is my brother is the one when was actually going for the you a dis. he didn't want to go alone so he told me to come with hip. i didn't really want to go because i was not going to audition anyway so i said, yeah, i'll come with you as long us a buy me a subway sandwich afterwards. >> you drive a hard bargain there. >> anyways, so i went, and while i was waiting the casting
9:25 am
director, he said that, you know, you're indian and you're a teenager so you might as well give it a shot. >> and you did, and you got the part. >> it opens nationwide november 21st. looking forward to it. >> congratulations. good luck. >> be right back. ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft singles have no artificial flavors and they're always made with milk so all you taste is something amazing. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] take the pantene dare to compare challenge. get healthier, stronger hair in less than 7 days guaranteed. then tell us your results on facebook. pantene healthier hair in less than 7 days. as part of a heart healthy diet.
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that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios 9:26 on this friday, september 28th. today, mayor vincent gray will help unveil plans for the new senior high school. that $120 million school will be built on the grounds of the current school. the project is scheduled to be finished by 2013.
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the fog is lifting and i'm seeing more sunshine. the temperature is 69 degrees currently. the wind will be out of the west from the front passes. we get to more showers and storms after 3:00 and through southern maryland. >> it's been a bumpy morning. it's getting better. we have an accident at little
9:29 am
river turnpike. it was blocking the right lane. it's now in the shoulder lane. you are slow going toward it. the speed 35 miles per hour. 22 minutes to
9:30 am
♪ i'm singing in the rain ♪ i'm singing in the rain >> what a beautiful rainy day. it's friday. that is our camera operator dave. having a great time. >> if he doesn't have to run the cameras out on the plaza is has a great time. >> seriously. >> get him on broadway. >> a star is born. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside natalie morales and willie geist and jenna wolfe is here. >> coming up this hour, parent who have figured out a better or
9:31 am
healthier way to do it, eating or cleaning products, these parents came up with a good idea and soleil moon frye will show us the great mom and pop ideas. these are like why didn't i think of that and when you think about it, how i did not develop it. >> soleil moon frye thought of that. we'll talk to her in a couple of moments "and pop goes today" from jay-z's new gig to reese witherspoon's new baby. we've got the celebrity scoop. >> who better to get a lesson in beauty from than bobbi brown, pretty powerful women who excued confidence from the inside out just like bobbi herself. first jenna wolfe with a preview of what's coming this up weekend. >> hey, guys, good morning. a nice show this weekend. lester is live in afghanistan where he was embedded with a unit on the front lines and talked to the troops about what it's like right now. he's also going to take a look at where things stand after 11 years of war in that region. then it's one of the biggest mysteries in u.s. history.
9:32 am
what happened to jimmy hoffa. new clues this week under a driveway in suburban detroit. we will have the latest on that case. and alana stewart stops by to say how she's honoring the memory of famia farrofai farrah >> that's all coming up. >> look forward to it. all right. let's get a check of the weather once again. he is in los angeles. >> jenna, one more preview of the gun show? >> always, al. >> here we go. >> you go first. >> you go first. >> first you, and then me. >> al. >> okay, jenna. >> jenna. >> with the drama. >> oh, boom. >> wow. >> do you have a license to carry those. >> coast to coast, al. went coast to coast. >> all right. let's see what we've got. how a to coast. >> how about fall foliage from
9:33 am
you from the weather library. we have peek color in northern new england and the northern mississippi river valley and the central rockies. new england and the northern plains. let's see what we have weather wise for you. morning rain tomorrow. lots of sunshine in the plains. heavy rain. texas to the western gulf coast, then sunday, sunday, more showers in new england. wet weather in the upper ohio river valley. western two-thirds of the country looking gourns. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> around here, we are warming up. the fog is lifting. we are in the upper 60s. another day with a high temperature around 80 degrees. it's going to be warm. we have a wind currently out of the south. well, the wind is out of the south, it will shift later today behind a front that will be bringing a little bit of an end to the rain for awhile. showers and storms, a few, expect them across maryland later today and a chance of a shower later with highs in the low 70s.
9:34 am
>> that's your latest weather. once you get done watching jenna wolfe flexing her guns get ready for sunday night "football night in america." the giants make their way to lincoln financial field to take on the eagles as they spring their wing cloudy, mild, a 30% chance of showers. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. that's on sunday night "football night in america." ow, ow, ow. >> oh, al. >> there's a chance he just popped a blood vessel. comes with the job. >> al, come on home. thanks so much. >> coming up next, great inventions for parents by parents. that's right after this. ♪ ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®
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[ together ] ♪ something families should get ♪ ♪ like a safety net ♪ help with food, gas and rent, so cover your back, with... ♪ a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aflac! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ beatboxing ] if you're parents chances are you've thought of a couple of inventions that would make your life a lot easier. soleil moon frye and author of "happy chaos" found several families who put their ideas to work. good morning again, soleil. >> good morning. you're sort of a momtreprenuer yourself. >> never a better time to be a momtreprenuer. >> when my partner and i started little feeds searched the globe for products at your home, your garage. because of social media, never
9:39 am
been a better time, start a twitter account, facebook account and start something from your own home which is so incredibly insparing and some of these products were fund from home. >> great companies started off with the first one. >> original sprout, such a fun company. started by a mom named inga, a daughter named maya, wanted healthy products for her little one. i love that the sunblock is so natural. i use this on my girls. >> no parabins. free and clear of everything. >> exactly. >> super curly hair so the miracle detangler is incredible. it's a family business. they live on a farm. they create it in their home. i love that it's, you know, a family-run business. >> yeah. >> again, if you have that thought in your head and you think of something amazing and know that the world is going to connect to it, if you're thinking about it, i bet a lot of other people will also connect. >> by the way this, body lotion smells amazing, my favorite. love it. >> over here. this is a company, i but this stuff for my kids when they were
9:40 am
smaller. called happy family. >> happy family. tell me the family about this. >> it was started by shazy who wanted to create an organic baby food company and we all love the pouches. >> so easy to cary. >> so much easier for our little ones, and it was launched on mother's day, and she's a mom, and she is a true momtrepreneur. so many options, organic baby food at your fingertips. >> great little puffs my kids love. >> yes. >> over here, little wood alouette is the maker of this toy company, make these cute little wood toys and a mom and dad started this company because they wanted create dies for their boys. >> one of my favorite, little alouette. the dad was a carpenter and the mom and dad started this company. they had three children. they are so amazing. they make this from their heart and soul, all eco-friendly and beautifully designed. she's a poet. one of those amazing stories, and it connects to people. >> they look great.
9:41 am
cleanwell, also something that we know and love. those of us with little kids and spraying the anti-bacterial on them and use the hand wipes. tell me about this. >> absolutely. this was started by a dad who is son had an immune disorder, and literally he was so concerned about his son he wanted to create disinfect ants and a healthy option for his child. you have all these incredible cleaning products and all these amazing disinfectants, hand wipes, i mean, it's amazing. i love this one, use it all the time and have it in my purse at all times. >> they are great. >> tons of great products here. >> finally, last but not least, the juicery. >> one of our favorites. >> introduced to this when i was out in california and just love the flavors. now tell me how they started this. >> it is so delicious. two of the co-founders are moms, of course, and they are just amazing. they wanted healthy options. one of the momt moms, you know, her mother had died from cancer. they wanted to look into healthy options. go online and order t.started it with one store and now they have five stores.
9:42 am
they are going into eight stores, and i just love it's such a true story of entrepreneurship, and you've got to try it. >> i love the vanilla almond one so i'm going for that one. soleil moon frye thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, celebrity news and the headlines right after the buzzfeed right after this. ♪
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a roundup of what's hot in hollywood. alicia quarles here from "e news." >> you better bring it. >> this is the celebrity quote quiz. >> say what. >> more power to her. such a role model for millions of girls in the world and she should be whatever way she wants to be and nobody should have to starve themselves is this a, kirstie alley, been, rihanna or d, demi lovado. >> i think they are talking about lady gaga. i'm going to go with rihanna. >> it's kirstie alley. >> everybody is speaking out about this. kirstie alley to "okay" magazine and saying enough is enough. gaga gained 25 pounds. gaga came out this week and said she's been anorexic and bulimic since she was 15 so the topic du jour. >> want another shot at this. >> get this one. >> a thing called the dumb-dumb test, a template for a test that all politicians should take.
9:47 am
just the way we have lsats, i thought there should be a test that they should have to take before they run for office or we should at least know their score. is it a, jon stewart, tina fey or chelsea handler. >> sounds too clean for chelsea. i'm going to go with tina fey. >> she told this to "ew" magazine and something she left out of her best selling book. >> i'll take one out of two. if we're doing two i'll take a pass here. what's hot in hollywood. reese weatherspoon just had a baby. >> reese wither spoon just had a baby. >> tennessee james, a third child. she has a 13-year-old and 8-year-old, got married last year to her husband jim. wanted to expand her family so good for reese and jim. >> elvis presley has had the most top 100 hits for a million years now and the record has been broken. >> guess who was broken by?
9:48 am
>> lil wayne. >> wuisey did it. >> he had 109 singles on it, but the different is he was the lead on his. elvis on all of his. lil wayne is only 30 years old so who knows what's to come. >> elvis did it all on his own. >> he dropped sort of one track on it. >> yeah. >> picture perfect. jay-z opening the arena tonight in brooklyn. >> opening his arena tonight. the barclay center in brooklyn. he tweeted this picture. on top of the world. been a busy week and i interviewed hip. gave me an exclusive. he said despite what everyone is saying bee saying beyonce is not pregnant. >> will you be there? >> not there. bring me a picture. >> daniel radcliffe.
9:49 am
>> he partied with this football team, daniel completely sober, doesn't drink and he has a new york giants hat. a huge football fan, american football. just interviewed him for the movie and he says i don't drink or go to clubs but i'll go to a house party so there he is. didn't have any taxi minimoney. had to give that millionaire moneyy. >> coming on. >> harry potter is walking around with no money in his pocket. i don't believe it. alicia kwaurlquarles have fun a concert. >> up next, bobbi brown on how to express your inner you, but
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's beaute i, request the "gaining confidence from the inside out in an effort to celebrate women's inner beauty. ""today's" beauty editor and makeup artist bobbi brown invited matters, daughters, sisters, celebrities and athletes to learn a few makeup
9:52 am
tricks, and she then treated them to an excited photo shoot where they put their best foot forward and opened up what beauty means to them. their story is in bobbi's new book "pretty powerful" and bobby brown is here with two of the women, a professional boxer and danielle diamond, a yoga teacher. good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you all of here. >> it's a little cliche the way we talk about beauty, of course, being more than than the outside, it's about being inside as well. you say the seventh book around. we need to emphasize this message, right. >> it's how you feel, and it's how you take care of yourself. exercise is really one of the secrets to feeling beautiful as we get older. >> and these women in the strong women part of the book. >> exactly. >> strong women to me is not a woman with shoulder pads on, melanie grifnt infith in "worki
9:53 am
girl," but women with lots to share. >> you were a professional mold, but a lot of people don't know you're a professional boxer. they call you fire the boxing diva. >> yeah. >> are people surprised to learn that -- that you're a boxer when they see and are looking at you? >> oh, yeah, definitely. when they first see me they think i'm a dainty girl that can't fight and after i'm done my work in the ring they are absolutely surprised. >> don't judge a book by its cover. >> exactly. your case in point. >> was it fun for you to have this makeover by bobbi. >> what did you learn in the whole experience? >> i've learned that i have two sides of me. a pretty side and a glamorous beautiful side. >> such natural beauty and such a strong woman. being a strong woman you don't have to be tough. you can still be sweet. >> exactly. >> fantastic. danielle, you were also selected for this book. i know you teach this zen strength yoga. tell me about this. >> i love that i'm in the
9:54 am
chapter along with these amazing athletes because most people don't look at yoga teachers as being so athletic, but i know that when students take my class they will come out and after holding a handstand for a few minutes, you know, or even sitting on a meditation mat for five minutes without fidgeting is really a big test of strength. >> and it's inner strength as well. >> yes. >> and her class is tough, and danielle is also a contributor on my blog, >> look at that. >> that hurts. >> i cannot do that. >> i want to come to your class because that looks amazing. >> one day. >> you write about these athletes. i know there are days when the women don't feel pretty and don't feel their best. on those days, however, we should do what we all do, put our hair in a ponytail, lace up our sneakers and get out there. is that your attitude? >> my hair is in a ponytail today, it's raining out. when i don't feel good, i put on my sneakers, go outside, from walking, to running, to doing
9:55 am
some weights, instantly a turnaround, you feel better and more energetic, you feel prettier and just feel stronger. >> are you big on makeup. >> i am. >> you like to play? >> what about you? >> i wasn't, but after hanging around with bobbi's team it just takes a little bit to make you feel a little bit bright and you're still yourself but just a little more confidence walking out the- >> all look amazing with or without makeup, don't need any of that. >> we all need it. >> we all need it. >> done great things for us. bobbi brown for us. thank you, ladies. great stuff. coming up, dog whisperer with katie lee and hoda. that's after your local news. have a great weekend, everyone.
9:56 am
the middle class, who move our country forward.
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work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. 9:57 is your time now on this friday, september 28th, 2012. d.c. police will relaunch the breath alcohol test. d.c. police stopped the program two years ago when a contractor found the machines were not working properly. let's get a check on the forecast with veronica johnson.
9:58 am
veronica, good morning. >> thanks. the fog is just about gone. the clouds starting to break. we have a lot of sunshine now. we are at 71 degrees. i think it's going to be easy for us to rise another ten to a high of 81. talk about showers across southern maryland later today. danella? >> canal road westbound, a downed tree. reservoir road and foxhall road in northwest. please use caution if you are making the commute. checking the beltway, clear here. no issues to report as you cross
9:59 am

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